The Workshop

My workshop, where I pursue my craftings, is located in the middle of Karlsruhe. If you are interested in lessons and / or an instrument, as well as trying out and playing instruments, meeting in my workshop is possible.

Here are some impressions from the creativity rooms:

The Artist

moving the workshop from Waldbronn to Karlsruhe

meeting bagpiper Paddy Kraft and with his help, stepping into the world of bagpipe making

joined Saltatio Mortis and moving to Karlsruhe

moving Heilbronn and starting aducation as a media designer

first bagpipe and musical experiences with Spîlwut

first Hümmelchen and autodidactic learning

born in Magdeburg and grown up in Jerichower Land

The Music

Music always moved me and more profoundly the older I am getting. It is the mirror of people’s emotions, stories and spiritual powers.

For almost 15 years now I have been able claiming to have the ability to live my dream. The music builds me up and feeds me. It is a strong connection and it would be unsustainable michnot to have it around and inside me. It is my job to be her constant companion. It is just as important to me as the positive relationship with my people around me, with nature and with life in general.The harmony of body, soul and spirit are equanimous like the harmony of different tones.

“Caritas abundat in omnia”